Why Warehouse Partitions?

  • A range of steel, mesh and composite warehouse partitions
  • Versatile, demountable systems available
  • Fire rated and acoustic partitions also part of the range

Warehouse operations today need the flexibility of modern warehouse partitions. Modern business survival is all about flexibility. Flexible staff, flexible hours, and being flexible with the types of products and services you offer. To maintain this flexibility of operations, warehouse operation also needs to be designed with flexibility in mind.

Here at Industrial Partition Systems that’s what we do. We offer a range of industrial and warehouse partitions designed to make your warehousing operation as streamlined and flexible as it can be. Designed for you to operate today – with an eye on how you may operate tomorrow.

Using a mix of our warehouse partitioning systems we can design for you an operational warehouse which is totally flexible. Makes the maximum use of available space, and which is designed to help you attain maximum productivity, no matter what area of industry or commerce you are involved in.

Our single skin partitions are designed to be a cost-effective, durable and strong partitioning system which can be used across a variety of applications from locker areas, store rooms, shop floor offices, staff cloakrooms and washrooms, product segregation and storage rooms. They are also suitable for stacking if you require additional height or floor to ceiling panelling.

Our double skin warehouse partitions have sheet welded on both sides to provide a smooth attractive finish whichever side they are viewed from. Produced in the same manner as our single skin partitions, they are erected in the same fashion and are suitable for the same applications. They can also be used for shop floor offices, administrative offices and workstations.

Our mesh partitions play a big part in many of our warehouse set-ups. As the most cost-effective warehouse partitioning system they are ideal for segregating areas, secure and bonded storage areas, and hazardous materials storage, they can be erected inside or outside. For total security they can be fitted with a mesh roof.

Our Composite and Monobloc range of warehouse partitions are ideally suited for administrative office areas, workstations, executive offices, and company boardrooms. They are also suitable for pharmaceutical research areas (they can be totally sealed with airlock entrances), and production areas. If noise is a problem our warehouse partitions can be converted to high quality acoustic partitions to dampen the sound. Both these warehouse partitions systems are designed to provide luxury office space without the luxury office price tag.


Commonly Seen In

  • Warehouse
  • Industrial Units
  • Production Facilities
  • Storage Units

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Streamline your business with warehouse partitions

Improving your services or product handling is not all about redesigning your current warehouse space. It may just take adding a new workstation to streamline your goods-in, goods-out process. Separating trade and retail customer reception areas, or adding another room to deal with a new product line or manufacturing process.

Our warehouse partitioning systems are the ideal for clients who wish a cost effective way to segregate different operations within the product or manufacturing area. Warehouse management offices and workstations, quality control areas, packing and dispatch areas, store rooms, stock rooms, and cleaning equipment areas can all be designed and erected quickly and professionally using one of our range of warehouse partitions systems.

Whether you want a single security cage, new clean room, or a complete warehouse fit-out, phoning us on 0115 736 5986 will get you the same professional response. Our warehouse partitions design team will design your cage, clean room, or full fit-out at no cost. Our design to construction time will amaze you, and our professional teams of nationwide fitters will impress you.