Why Single Skin Steel Partitioning?

  • Allows you to break up factory space in a cost-effective manner
  • Can be tailored to any type of space
  • Quick to install -- minimising disruption

Sigma single skin partitions are the mainstay of our business and suitable for a variety of warehouse or shop floor applications at a most cost effective price.

Made of high quality steel, the single skin partitions are of modular, demountable design, and constructed using steel sheet welded to rolled channel frames. Designed with cost in mind, the sheet is only welded to one side of the frame – hence single sheet.

None-the-less, with a powder coated finish in a choice of grey, sandstone, white or blue, (or another colour of your choice at additional cost); they are of attractive appearance when the smooth side is on outside display.

Single skin steel partitions are bolted together and bolted to the floor. The addition of vertical steel mullions and top caps on longer runs provides for greater rigidity and stability over the longer distance. If you have high ceilings and wish to totally enclose a given area, your steel partitions can be stacked and bolted floor to ceiling. If you want total enclosure without the extra height then single skin steel partitions can be utilised to provide a flat roof (which could then be used for additional storage).

Although these steel partitions are the most basic in our range, they are extremely versatile and offer a number of different options, including:

  • Solid single steel partitions
  • Part glazed/part steel partitions
  • Partitions with drop down serving hatches
  • Part mesh/part steel partitions

How little or how much mesh or glass you require, or size of hatch needed, can be discussed with our design staff. Doors can be single lockable doors, double doors, or sliding doors to suit requirements.

Ideal for enclosing different working areas, providing offices, secure and bonded storage space, stockroom facilities, and restrooms and washrooms, single skin partitions can also be used to enclose paint areas, powder coating and shot cleaning areas, and provide machine guards for automated processes such as robots and conveyer systems.

At Industrial Partition Systems we don’t just offer you a comprehensive range of industrial partitions. We offer you a complete service with total transparency. From your initial enquiry, we will visit your premises (at no cost), design a partitioned floor plan to your specification (at no cost) and provide a fast, professional service that will have your industrial partitioning system erected quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your day to day operation.


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Looking to have single skin partitions installed at your premises?

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Single Skin Partitions for a range of needs

Single Skin Partitions

Our single skin partitioning systems are built to adapt. We can design a partitioning system that fits the exact needs of your commercial premises — meaning that if you need partitions that are higher or wider than a normal system, we’ll still be able to install it.

This is great for customers that are located in a large premises with high ceilings and that would like to keep different aspects of the business separate.

Single Skin Partitions are a no-fuss option where simply sectioning off areas is the biggest priority and they provide a very functional solution for this.

We offer free fixed-price quotes on all single skin steel partitions, so there’s no better time to get in touch. Call us today on 0115 736 5986 and we’ll be happy to help.