Single or Double Skin Steel Partitions?

Single or Double Skin Steel Partitions?

One of the most common conversations I have with business owners looking to break up their space with steel partitions is which is better, single or double skin? And the thing is there is no right answer. Whether you use single or double skin steel partitioning will depend on what you intend to use the new spaces for, whether they need to be able to better contain heat and whether people will be working in them.

I explain more below.

Single Skin Steel Partitioning

Single skin steel partitioning is one of the most common types of steel partitioning we install here. Many business owners use it as a cost effective way to break up factory or warehouse space. One of the main reasons for using this type of partitioning is to break up factory or warehouse space when you don’t necessarily have much need for a better heat rating or for it to be more aesthetically pleasing. We do powder coat single steel partitioning to ensure that it looks as good as it can do, but it is never going to look as good as double skin steel partitioning.

Which brings me nicely onto my next point…

Double Skin Steel Partitioning

Double skin steel partitioning is, in essence, exactly the same as single skin, with one major difference, there is a sheet of steel on both sides of the partitioning. This is done for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is for a better heat rating. Double skin partitioning is able to hold more heat than single skin, and therefore makes it a lot more suitable if there is going to be people working within the confides of the partitioning. However, it also looks a lot nicer thanks to the frame not being exposed.

Again, we powder coat all of our steel partitioning in a range of standard colours, or a customised colour for an additional cost. This means that double skin partitioning is a lot more suitable if you wanted to create, for instance, an office within a warehouse.

In Conclusion

Both single skin and double skin partitions are more or less the same product, bar the extra sheet of steel on one side of the frame. You would want to use single skin partitioning if you don’t have people working within that partitioning and if the look of the partitioning is less important to you on your business. Whereas you would use double skin if you want people to be able to work pleasantly within the confides of the partitioning.

If you want more information on how single or double skin partitioning will work for your business, get in touch with us today. Give us a call on 0115 736 5986 or contact us via the form on our website.

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