The Jobs That Are Likely To Be Replaced By Technology

The Jobs That Are Likely To Be Replaced By Technology


Do you love your job? Do you love progress? Well, sometimes you can’t love both, since the fast-paced technological progress directly brings about new career opportunities as well as obsolete lines of work.

There are many popular professions now that will become redundant within a decade or so, and anyone who wants to keep up with progress –rather than getting trampled by it – should be aware of how quickly the modern marketplaces are changing. In case you’d like to see an overview of the subject matter, we’ve prepared this article focusing on 5 jobs which are now reputable but soon should become redundant.

Bank Clerks

If you think bank tellers and even representatives will always be in demand, just ask your grandparents how things shaped up when the ATM was introduced. Many banking positions became obsolete at the time, and nowadays we face a similar evolution; with the advent of smartphones, and the increased popularity of online banking much has changed already. The introduction of AI will surely lead to even bigger redefinition of banking as we know it.

Construction workers

Here’s another profession where workers are already being replaced by robots and machines. With the current rate of progress and the introduction of innovations such as robotic bricklayers and industrial grade 3d printers, construction workers will eventually have to evolve and graduate into construction machine operators. It won’t be long until it no longer makes sense to have humans doing manual labor that can be performed so much faster by robots… the technology is already in place, and the procedures are quickly adapting.

Inventory managers

You may have noticed the increasing trend for self-checkout at supermarkets, which is only the first step towards the future supermarket. Eventually, not only will cashiers become obsolete but even inventory managers and stockists are about to be replaced by sophisticated machines that will get the job done much faster at a fraction of the cost. The time will come where we won’t even have any need for a supermarket since people will start getting all their products online. Not in our generation, you may think… but just ask the younger ones how they feel about such a future; chances are they’ll reply “it’s only natural!”


In the past hundred years or so, we’ve witnessed a progressive industrialization of agriculture, with the advent of tractors and specialized machines designed for helping farmers work faster and more efficiently. In the coming years, it’s likely that human farmers will be removed from the equation as we develop robots fit for increasingly sophisticated tasks. We already have robots that outperform humans in everyday farming activities such as milking cows and pulling vegetables, and there are some interesting prototypes of automated self-sufficient gardens that do everything from planting a seed to managing plant nutrients, removing weeds and collecting the produce.

Taxi drivers

Automated vehicles are very close to being massed produced, and they are already much safer and more reliable than human drivers. Within a few years, cars will drive themselves just fine and professions like taxi drivers will no longer make sense. In fact, by the next generation it’s likely that the only remaining manually operated cars will be those relegated to sports activities.

As you can see, the future will be bleak for those who fail to adapt. But it will also be ripe with opportunities for those who can align themselves with the technological progress. There’s no point in being afraid that robots will steal your job, since there will always be new jobs in demand – after all, it won’t be soon until machines can create themselves without need for engineers, designers and technicians!

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