Industrial Partitions Installed for New Trade Counters

Industrial Partitions Installed for New Trade Counters

The team have been incredibly busy this week finishing the installation of industrial partition walls for aci’s specialist electrical partner, Alert Electrical. The client wanted to ensure that their trade counters, in Derby and Long Eaton, were giving off a clean yet industrial look to invite their customers into the building. You can see photos … Continued

Double Skin Steel Partition Installation

We have been busy this week installing a double skin steel partitioning system, as well as a suspended ceiling near Hull to be used as a showroom for our client! Images of the work can be seen here:  

Double Skin Steel Partitioning for Reabrook

ACI have just been appointed the supplier of fire rated double skin steel partitions for Reabrook Limited in Derbyshire. This specialist supplier of filling services for aerosol cans and containers needed a hard wearing, secure solution to segregate a production are within their existing space. ACI’s double skin steel partitions were chosen due to the … Continued

Industrial Mesh Partition created for Imperial Tobacco

Imperial Tobacco were looking to create a temporary secure area on the 2nd floor of their building. After consultation with Industrial Partition, samples of different mesh types were considered to fit their criteria. Expamet expanded mesh was selected as the ideal product due to its strength and mesh size, being both anti-climb and very difficult … Continued

Industrial Partition & Marusu Chocolate

ACI will soon be enclosing this area with powder coated double skin steel partition with a solid steel walkable roof section to form a clean room for this high end Petits Fours manufacturer. We are working with Lucas Services who provide the ongoing maintenance for the building. Unusually, the installation will be on a 1st … Continued

Single or Double Skin Steel Partitions?

One of the most common conversations I have with business owners looking to break up their space with steel partitions is which is better, single or double skin? And the thing is there is no right answer. Whether you use single or double skin steel partitioning will depend on what you intend to use the … Continued

The Jobs That Are Likely To Be Replaced By Technology

Do you love your job? Do you love progress? Well, sometimes you can’t love both, since the fast-paced technological progress directly brings about new career opportunities as well as obsolete lines of work. There are many popular professions now that will become redundant within a decade or so, and anyone who wants to keep up … Continued